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          Fastener National Standard

          May-05,2021 612

          Fastener production standard

          GB/T192-2003 Ordinary thread basic tooth profile

          GB/T196-2003 Ordinary thread basic size

          GB/T197-2003 common thread tolerance

          GB/T2516-1981/IS0965-3: 1998 limit deviation of ordinary thread (diameter 1-355mm)

          GB/T9145-2003/ISO 965-2: 1980 ordinary thread medium precision, the limit size of the preferred series

          GB/T15756-1995 common thread limit size

          Fastener mechanical performance standard

          GB/T3098.1-2000/ISO 898-1:1999 Mechanical properties of fasteners, bolts, screws and studs

          GB/T3098.2-2000/ISO 898-2:1992 Mechanical properties of fasteners nut coarse thread

          Fastener surface treatment standard

          GB/T5267.1-2002/ISO 4042:1999 Fastener electro-galvanized layer

          GB/T5267.3-2008/ISO 10684:2004 Fastener hot-dip galvanized layer

          GB/T9800-1988/ISO 4520:1981 Chromate conversion coating of electro-galvanized and electro-plated interlayer

          GB/T22028-2008/ISO 965-5:1998 hot-dip galvanized thread contains galvanized layer on the internal thread

          GB/T22029-2008/ISO 965-4:1998 hot-dip galvanized thread accommodates the galvanized layer on the external thread

          ISO9587 Metal and other inorganic coatings to reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement pretreatment of steel products

          ISO9588 Metal and other inorganic coatings to reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement Post-plating treatment of steel products

          Fastener acceptance standard

          GB/T90.1-2002/ISO 3269:2000 fastener acceptance inspection

          GB/T3934-2003/ISO1502: 1996 technical requirements for ordinary thread gauges

          GB/T10125-1997/ISO 9227:1990 artificial atmosphere corrosion test salt spray test

          GB/T24195-2009/ISO16151:2005 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Cyclic accelerated corrosion test under acidic salt spray "dry" and "wet" conditions

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