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          T-bolt for embedded channel system / 30/20 Tooth T-bolt
          30/20 Tooth T-bolt

          30/20 Tooth T-bolt

          Features and advantages

          ■The bolt head rhombus design effectively prevents the bolt from being over-threaded

          There is a notch mark on the end of the screw to facilitate correct installation and positioning

          ■Multi-station cold heading process, sharp and full, stable performance, beautiful appearance

          ■8.8 mechanical properties, superior tensile, shear, fatigue, and fire resistance

          ■The surface adopts special multi-element alloy co-permeation coating technology, which effectively avoids the contradiction between coating and anti-off when the coating thickness is 80um, and meets the 150-hour copper accelerated test, the neutral 1200-hour salt spray test and higher requirements


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